Classroom Management

Classroom Management Plan

The methods and procedures I will use to ensure that my classroom has the most conducive environment for teaching and learning to take place are organized within a framework divided into four categories.  These categories must work in consort with each other, and are separate parts of a whole.  The categories are: Expectations, both of my students and of myself as a teacher; the classroom environment; the daily routine; and behavior management.


As a teacher I have certain expectations of the students when they are in the classroom.  These expectations are as follows.

Respect: The student is the highest priority in the classroom and as my highest priority for classroom management, I always keep in mind that students have a basic right to learn with out being disrupted by others.  Therefore, students are expected to be respectful to the teacher and to other students.  They are also expected to show respect for the property of others, the classroom and themselves.  You could break respect down into basic rules, such as, ‘no talking when the teacher is talking’, ‘no making fun of others’ projects’ etc, but expectation number one is: Respect others, yourself and property.

Be prepared and Productive: My second expectation is for students to come to class prepared so that they can work to their highest potential.  Tied in with this expectation is that students are expected to be productive during the entire class period.

Be Safe: There are many things in the art room that can cause injury or could make you sick (e.g. different paints, exacto knives). Because of this, the last, but equally important expectation is that students practice safety with the materials and the equipment in the art room at all times.

Interesting Lessons: In addition to expectations of students, I place the expectation on myself as a teacher to always create lessons and provide learning materials which are stimulating, meet the student’s needs and push the students to be the best that they can be.  I expect my lessons and teaching methods to be varied and will strive to provide lessons that are relevant to the students if at all possible.

Classroom Environment

As a teacher, I will make sure that the classroom is uncluttered and clean to provide a space that is pleasant and easy to work in.  I will decorate the room with student creations, highlighting student artwork that is exceptional, providing recognition for students who put forth their best effort.  Work space should be arranged so students can work cooperatively, yet allow for a free traffic flow and visibility for students when I am demonstrating or presenting information.  I will also ask that in general, noise be kept at a minimum, as I have discovered that even though it is nice for students to be allowed to socialize, they are not as productive as they could be when they work quietly.

Daily Routine

I will develop a daily routine for students so that every minute of the class period is productive and there is no ‘down time’, the time when students often get themselves in trouble.  I will post a question of the day on the board for students to complete in a provided journal as soon as they enter the room.  Students will wait for my instructions before they begin a project.  They will be expected to clean up after themselves as well as help their classmates with cleanup if they finish early.  They will also be responsible for putting away their assignments in their proper storage areas and will be excused only after the art room is cleaned up and everything is in its proper place.


Misbehavior is disruptive to learning and teaching.  It will be dealt with consistently with consequences that will be reviewed on the first day of class.  Sometimes a district has a school wide discipline policy.  In the event that there is not a school wide policy in place, my policy will be:

1st offense: verbal warning as well as oral statement of the rule that is being ignored.

2nd offense: Student who is misbehaving will have their name written on the board.

3rd offense: Student may be moved to a ‘time out’ area of the room as well as given a worksheet to be completed by the end of the period.

4th offense: Student will be sent to the principal’s office and/or a phone call will be made to the student’s parents.

Good Behavior will also be recognized in my classroom.  When students are behaving positively and being productive, I will recognize them, verbally pointing out to the class that I am happy with how those particular students are acting.  When the entire class is behaving positively, I would like to have a ‘point’ system in place where the class would accumulate points towards an end prize, such as a free art period, or an art party.

In general, I would like my classroom to be a welcoming, safe and happy environment for all students to be able to participate in.  This, however does not mean that students should feel that art class is a free for all, goof off period, as I have witnessed in some of my observations.  Therefore, I will make all of my above procedures clear from the first day of class and be firm and consistent when it comes to maintaining the environment I feel is most conducive to learning and teaching art.

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